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Embark on a Year of Exploration and Growth at Mrs. Erin's Preschool Program!

Welcome to Mrs. Erin's Family Child Care, where our preschool program is designed to spark curiosity, foster learning, and nurture growth in young minds. Located in the heart of Catonsville, we offer a special opportunity for teachers and families seeking a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives. Our unique schedule is perfectly aligned with the Baltimore County Public School Calendar, meaning teachers pay only during the school year, with no payment required over the summer. When the local schools close for breaks, our program does too, ensuring families can enjoy their time together without interruption.

Our curriculum is as diverse and dynamic as the children we serve, featuring a blend of The Creative Cloud Curriculum, The Moffat Preschool Curriculum, among others, to offer a rich, engaging educational experience. Each month, we dive into exciting themes such as Arctic Animals, Dinosaurs, and the wonders of Spring, bringing learning to life through interactive activities, stories, and projects.

Mrs. Erin believes in inclusivity and the power of early education, welcoming all children of appropriate age or those showing an early interest. Our days are filled with adventure, from daily outings to local parks and trails to attending various free shows that spark imagination and joy. A highlight for our children and their families is our monthly dinner preparation, a beloved activity that fosters community and family engagement.

At Mrs. Erin's, we're more than just a child care provider—we're a community dedicated to creating a warm, supportive environment where every child can thrive. Join us for a year of discovery, learning, and fun, and give your child the gift of a foundational preschool experience that prepares them for the bright future ahead.

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