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About Mrs. Erin


Welcome! I am Erin Moxley, owner and operator of Mrs. Erin's In-Home Child Care. I love my chosen profession and believe that there is no greater feeling than knowing that you aided in the learning and growth of a child. What I enjoy most is seeing the expression of a child who has just discovered something new and wonderful for the first time. There is nothing better than when they are able to perform a new skill without assistance for the first time.


I have been caring for children for over 20 years; first caring for my own children, then neighbors children and other children in the community. I strive to improve the quality of the services I provide to my clients as a Professional Early Educator by staying up to date on the new Childcare laws and regulations, advocating for early childhood education, and learning new, exciting, and stimulating teaching methods and activities.


As a State of Maryland Licensed Family Home Child Care Provider, I am required to have current, bi-yearly certification of Infant and Child CPR and First Aid. In addition, I must continue my own professional development by taking at least 12 credits of early childhood education and/or childcare training courses. Per regulations, I have been fingerprinted by local and federal authorities and have passed a criminal background check, as have all adults over 18 living in my home.


As an Early Childhood Professional, I tend to take extra early childhood education and/or childcare trainings because I am always in search of new ideas, activities and ways to enrich the experiences of the children and foster beneficial relationships with families.


Certificate of Registration # 250024

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